[NEWS] ANNOUNCEMENT FOTA 2 moves to Polygon (MATIC) network.


🔔 ANNOUNCEMENT 🔔 FOTA 2 moves to Polygon (MATIC) network.

Based on transactional activities and feedback from the FOTA-ers community in recent times, as well as aiming to upgrade and optimize long-term benefits for the community, the FOTA 2 team has decided to implement a significant solution to comprehensively address this issue.

🔆 We will migrate the entire FOTA 2 gaming network from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the Polygon (MATIC) network.

❓ Why Polygon?
We are focused on providing excellent and long-lasting benefits to the community.

1️⃣ Cost optimization for users with significantly lower fees.
2️⃣ Extremely fast transaction speeds.
3️⃣ High security.
4️⃣ Opportunity to expand the player base for FOTA 2 as more Crypto Games gradually transition to the Polygon network.

Changes for a better experience
💦 All processes will be fully handled by the FOTA 2 team, so players don’t need to worry about anything.
💦 This is a significant change for FOTA 2, aimed at providing you the best experience with the fastest speeds and cost savings.

😘 Stay tuned for FOTA 2!

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