Introducing FOTA 2 Ambassador Program


🎉 Greetings to the FOTA 2 community and FOTA holders! Today, we are thrilled to introduce the FOTA 2 Ambassador Program.

📈 Over the past two years, the FOTA community has experienced significant growth, not only thanks to our dedicated team but also due to the trust and contributions of our fans. However, as we strive to improve the quality of our services and provide more value to users, we realize that it’s time for a change and to do something better. That’s why the “FOTA 2 Ambassador Program” is born.

Registration Period: July 19, 2023, to July 26, 2023.

📌 The FOTA 2 Ambassador Program will consist of two categories:

✔️ FOTA-Creative Program: Here, users can participate without needing an in-depth understanding of the game ( basic knowledge is still required). However, participants should possess a good representative image and creativity to create promotional content for the game.

✔️ FOTA-In-depth Program: In this category, participants will be required to have a deep understanding of game information and mechanics to create content related to in-game activities.

-> Based on their strengths, participants can choose the category they wish to join. Additionally, they can refer to the specific requirements and tasks for each category to make an appropriate decision.

️🎯 Objectives:

🤝 The main purpose of this program is to strengthen the community bonds and empower ambassadors to represent FOTA 2 in their respective regions. Through this program, we aim to enhance the community, raise awareness about FOTA 2, and provide opportunities and benefits for participants.

🔥 Benefits of becoming an Ambassador of FOTA 2:

➖ Receive support and training from the FOTA 2 team to gain a clear understanding of the project and gameplay processes.

➖ Get early access to new features and project events.

➖ Build reputation and expand personal networks within the blockchain and gaming industries.

➖ Receive special rewards and benefits from FOTA 2, such as Airdrops & Exclusive Gifts, Badges, Prizes or Merchandise, Auto whitelist for all events, NFT drops, and more.

👉 Ambassador Responsibilities:

✔️ For the FOTA-Creative Program:

➖ Use personal images to promote and introduce FOTA 2 to the blockchain and Web3 gaming communities.

➖ Create videos and content to promote the game to the community.

➖ Answer general community questions about the game to support new players.

➖ Attend blockchain-related events as a representative of FOTA 2.

➖ Organize community events: retroactive, etc.

✔️ For the FOTA-In-depth Program:

➖ Create in-depth content about the game to guide the community. For example, game reviews, gameplay tutorials, participation guidelines, co-streaming with the game.

➖ Answer in-depth game-related questions to support new players and the community.

➖ Attend blockchain and gaming-related events and livestreams as a representative of FOTA 2.

➖ Organize community events: retroactive, etc.

-> All tasks will be supported by the FOTA 2 team. If you have any questions regarding the game or support rewards, please contact us immediately.

🚨 Requirements

🔰 General Requirements: Good communication skills, understanding of basic information about FOTA 2, and active engagement with the community.

🔰 For the FOTA-Creative Program:

➖ A strong representative image and certain level of popularity.

➖ Strong creativity.

➖ Significant influence within the community.

🔰 For the FOTA-In-depth Program:

➖ Good knowledge and understanding of Web3 gaming.

➖ Experience in creating creative content such as game reviews and livestreams.

➖ Positive image.

⁉️ How to become an FOTA 2 Ambassador:

Fill out the registration form: 

👏 Participation Process:

  • Participants will submit their registration forms during the program period. After the registration phase ends, we will evaluate the applications and conduct interviews (if necessary).
  • We will then proceed with notifications and collaborate with selected participants who meet the requirements.

♥️ If you have any questions, please contact the FOTA 2 admin via email at [email protected].