[EVENT] Join the Exciting FOTA II Telegram Event -TALK & TRIUMPH


🔥 Are you ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our Telegram group? FOTA II officially launches the TALK & TRIUMPH event on our Global Telegram platform, where you can engage in various discussions, share experiences, ask questions, and connect with other players in the community.

⏰ Duration: July 26th to August 5th, 2023 (UTC+0)

️🎯 Event Mechanism:

✔️ After announcing the event, Admin will schedule the start time within the group: https://t.me/FOTA2Group 

✔️ Players will initiate discussions in the Telegram group, freely exploring and conversing about anything related to the game, strategies, tips, or any game-related queries.

✔️ Respect and courtesy are of utmost importance! Players are not allowed to use offensive language, inappropriate words, or engage in discussions that violate community rules.

Once the event concludes, Admin will tally the number of interactions for each player within the group. The top 10 most active players in the discussions will receive valuable rewards.

🎁 Rewards:

🏅 1st Place: 500 GEM and 1 selected NFT (Note: we will list around 10 NFTs winner to choose after announcing the winner)

🏅 2nd-3rd Place: 200 GEM and 1000 Gold

🏅 4th-10th Place: 1000 Gold

💡 Guidelines:

➡️ Join the FOTA II Global Telegram group via: https://t.me/FOTA2Group

➡️ Actively participate in discussions throughout the event duration.

➡️ Keep a friendly and respectful atmosphere within the group.

➡️ Avoid discussing sensitive or unpleasant topics that may disturb others.

‼️ Note:

Any discussions held outside the event period will not be considered.

In the event of complaints or disputes, ADMIN FOTA II will carefully review and resolve them. ADMIN FOTA II’s decision will be final.

Prizes will be sent to the players within 7-15 days after the event concludes.

👋 Join us now in the FOTA II Global Telegram group. Sharing your passion, connecting with fellow players, and having a chance to win handsome rewards!

♥️ Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to become part of the FOTA II community and enjoy the fun!

Let’s look forward to FOTA’s upcoming updates in the near future!